Overhaul & Repair Services Warranty Policy

Pacific Aerospace is committed to delivering the ideal service experience to all customers alike. As such, Pacific Aerospace expressly warrants all services to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the calendar period as stated below:

  • Overhauled Items - 12 months warranty period from the date of overhaul performed.
  • Repaired Items - 6 months warranty period from the date of repair performed.
  • Functional Test Items - 90 days (subject to limitations as set forth below)

All warranty claims applicable to the services described above and performed by Pacific Aerospace are subject to the following limitations and terms:

  • Customer must notify Pacific Aerospace in writing and return item within 30 days of date of defect discovery. Customer is requested to provide proper records accurately reflecting operating times and description of the suspected failure or defect. Upon return of item, Pacific Aerospace will inspect, test, and evaluate component and provide customer with a written “Warranty Report” indicating the findings and final disposition of the warranty claim.
  • Pacific Aerospace warranty policy covers actual work performed at the time service was provided and defective conditions that should have been suspected at the time of the original repair or overhaul. Only materials replaced during the initial service will be covered under this warranty. Functionally tested items are warranted only to the extent of inspection to determine physical integrity and condition of unit, excluding operational failures found to be caused by subsequent component failure.
  • Pacific Aerospace will only pay for return shipping if the warranty is granted. The customer or end user is responsible for all shipping costs to Pacific Aerospace.

Warranty claims are not applicable to items that have been exposed or subjected to:

  • Improper handling, shipping, storage, abuse or negligence after delivery.
  • Failures or defects determined to be caused by improper installation, operation or failure inflicted by associated defective aircraft system components.
  • Repairs, alterations, and maintenance performed by persons other than Pacific Aerospace or removal and tampering with inspections seals.
  • Non-compliance with applicable manufacturer service bulletins and service letters that improve the reliability and operation of the component, when recommended by Pacific Aerospace.

Components determined to be in serviceable condition after inspection and testing will be subject to a functional test fee. All components repaired or replaced will be warranted only for the unexpired portion of the original warranty period. Pacific Aerospace may also offer partial remedies in cases of undetermined failure cause.


  • Due to the competitive nature being an independent repair station, our warranty policy will not/does not cover failures found by other repair stations (including, but not limited to, the Original Equipment Manufacturer and/or their representatives).
    • In these cases, the only warranty/guarantee we can provide is that the unit is not Dead On Arrival/Installation. Any warranty issues brought to our attention, as outlined above, in these cases will be resolved using our standard warranty policy.
    • If the end user requires the unit to be certified by a repair station other than Pacific Aerospace, please Contact Us prior to sending any unit to our facility.

As previously mentioned, Pacific Aerospace is genuinely committed to providing an optimal experience to all customers. If, for some reason, you (being our direct customer, or end-user of an item we have tagged) are dis-satisified with the service or quality of work performed, please Contact Us immediately so we can resolve any issues. Your satisfaction is the best indicator of the work we perform.