Pacific Aerospace can Bench Test, Repair, and Overhaul a variety of Air Data Computers. Crucial to the operation of important instruments such as Altimeters and Airspeed Indicators, the Air Data Computer calcuates the airspeed and altitude of the aircraft and then provides digital and analog outputs to various components on the aircraft. 

Pacific Aerospace can Bench Test, Repair, and Overhaul the following Air Data Computers. Pacific Aerospace can also service other Air Data Computers not listed here, in addition to individial circuit cards for most units. 

HG480B13 501FAD1-1 4045053-901 4040800-902
HG480B60 503FAD1-1 4045053-902 4040800-904
HG480B50 503FAD1-2  4045053-903 4040800-905 
HG480B43   4045053-904 4040800-906 
HG480B42   4045053-905 4040800-907 
HG480B41   4045053-906 4040800-908 
HG480B40   4045053-907 4040800-909 
HG480B30   4045053-910 4040800-911 
HG480B20   4045053-912 4040800-912 
HG480B14   4045053-914 4040800-915